The Treasure Seekers

The six Bastable children have all got wild imaginations, which comes in useful when their mother dies and their father's business fails. The family has no longer got money and the children think of many ingenious ideas to help the situation. But these ideas aren't always practical and bring them a lot of problems … until one day, their luck changes.
Resultado de imagen de the treasure seekers


  1. Hello, this book is very interesting because this book have mistery and sadness. This book is very good writting but this argument is very boring.

  2. Hello, I'm Vanesa, my opinion of this book, it is very easy to read and throughout the book there are enough mystery.
    However, it has seemed a bit boring.
    Good bye.

  3. Hello!! I'm going to give you my opinion abaut this book.
    I like it in general, I like the time in which it takes place and their character.
    The children had a huge imagination and a constant illusion that permited them to carry out all their dreams and this is one of the things that get you in the story.
    Regards, Ana.

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