The Incredible Journey: un libro de aventuras.

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The Incredible Journey is about the friendship and loyalty of three animals as they travel far and wide to find their owners. Luath, the young Golden Retriever, the old Bulldog called Bodger, and Tao, a very special Siamese cat, are a lovable trio. But how can these three gentle house pets survive the dangers of the Canadian wilderness?


  1. Hello, I´m Rodry and today I´m going to write a comment...
    This book is very interesting and entertaining.
    But sometimes this book is very complicated ; for my the vocabulary sometimes is difficult and I had to find out the meaning.


  2. Hello! I'm Lydia.
    The story is about three animals: Tao, Luath and Bodger. The animals travel across Canada to find their owners.
    In my opinion, I like this story because has been very interesting and very funny. The book is easy read it and the vocabulary isn't difficult.
    If you like the adventures, you will enjoy with it.

  3. Hello my name is Axel:
    In my opinion this book is very entertaining and funny.
    Also I like because I like this kind of books.
    And finally , too I like beacuse has got a moral ( follow your dreams).

  4. Hello my name is Lucas :
    In my pinion personal the book has semed good to me since it has managed
    to hook me to read it


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