1. In my opinio the actuation was very funny, my favourite part is when Willy make a circle with his fingers and all saw the circle. I'm waiting for other like this

  2. In my opinion, the play has been very good. I expected something boring to be in English. I did not understand everything, but it was very funny.

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  4. I think this play was boring in the first time, but it's so funny. I didn't understand so thing but I like it. My favorite part of it, is when Willy throw his notebook to Anne, I laughed so much

  5. Hello! I' m Lydia.
    Sincerely the act has been very enjoyable. The actors were very funny and I understand quite well the act. The most interesting thing was when the actors ordered to public their cooperation for dance in the stage.
    It was exciting.

  6. Hi , I'm Bryan
    The truth is that I have not heard much but it seemed a pretty fun work.
    Mi favorite character is Anne

  7. Hello my name is Ainara I think it has been a very funny work and the actors were very good at playing it, my favorite part was at the end when they confessed what they felt

  8. Hi, I'm Paula
    In my opinion the play was very funny. It was very easy to understand because the dialogues use a easy vocabulary. If I can recommend a play in english I would recommend this.

  9. In my opinion this play was funny and modern because we can see they did the dab and other things. My favourite part is when Anne tried to kill herself with an imaginated sword. I think that everybody needs to see this play.

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  11. Hi, I'm Ana
    In my personal opinion this play has been interesting because, it has given me a help to devellop my vocabulary in English.
    At first it cost to understand this play but it was very good. I think that with these activites you learn English in a more entertaining and easy.

  12. Hi I am Jesús.
    In my opinion this play it was simple,but in the first part of the play it was a bit complexión but the rest of the play it was very funny and simple.My favourite part of the play it was when Will singing a song of the team chelsea.

  13. Hello, I 'm Eduardo.
    In my humble opinion I think this theatre is very funny because they join every elements with those of the work. The characters have very funny clothes.
    This is my opinion :D

  14. I'm Mery
    Im my opinion is very entertaining besides my favorite actor is Willian and I just understood a few sentences.

  15. I am Andy.I think this theatre performance was very good and funny, actually, I had a really good time because the play was very fun and enjoyable.

  16. I am Alba . The other day
    we went to see a play in English the play was entertainig . Since they put songs they danced and they took out students.

  17. Hello. My name is Claudia. For my opinion the work was great. It was super fun and entertaining. What i liked most was when they finally declared their love. I had never seen such a funny work. I already want to see another one.

  18. In my personal opinion the play that we went to see the other day seemed to me interesting and a easy language to understand . Will have to return another vear .

  19. In my opinion this theatre was very interesting and very funny. Also I think was easy and difficult because had got a lot vocabulary... And finally I say '' I love this kind''

  20. From mi point of view the play was very good.
    Fist of all because you could understand the play because the actors did not speak fast .
    Second because it was very funny.
    And third because I learned more vocabulary.
    -Lucia Gavilanes

  21. In my opinion it is a very good play since it has a very easy vocabulary and it is easy to understand.

  22. In my personal opinion I think that the work has been very good and has been very fun. Also the work has been understood very well for our age

  23. Hi,my name is Escarlata
    From my perspective,the theatre was very good.It was very funny and enjoyable.However,I think that in some parts is a little bored.I didn´t understand everything because the actors spoke very fast.Although,I belive that they were very interesting and they act good.I want to see more like this.
    Escarlata Martín

  24. Hello! My name is Gabriel.
    I liked the theater very much, it was very entertaining and fun.
    The part I liked the most was the Chelsea anthem, and the part that I liked the least was Beyonce's.
    The vocabulary was a bit difficult for me.
    I think it's a way to help learn English.
    I give four of five stars ****

  25. This is very good because is very funny.
    I likes the least was Chelsea. The vocabulary is easy.
    But the actors they exaggerated.

  26. Hello!!
    This theatre, proved to me more fun and entertaining than the last year. It uses a vocabulary suitable for our age. What I've liked have been funny gestures of the actors, but I am lost when they changed scene because I didn't know where they were and that they made.
    A greeting,
    Sara Prieto

  27. Hello
    I'm Adrian.

    When I saw this play.
    I laughed a lot, because it was a play based on comedy.
    I like the Chelsea anthem very much.
    The play was easy to understand because they used a lenguage that was right for us.
    It was a magical experience


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